Strip Me Bare

And I Can Tell No Lies

Danika Hawron
5 July
Las Vegas
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Name: Danika Harwon
Name Meanings: Morning Star
Nicknames: Dani
Birthdate/Age: July 5, 1980 -- 26 Years Old
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Sign: Cancer
Education: Dropped out of the University of Phoenix in her junior year.
Occupation: She is a cocktail waitress in the Bellagio. She also bartends at Caramel, also in Bellagio.

Residency: One bedroom apartment at the Chateau Calais
Roomies: Her son, Jacob

Personality: Danika is shy and reserved. She likes things a certain way, neat and orderly. She suffers from an OCD. She has a tendency to twirl her hair when she is nervous or angry. She is a doting mother. She is angry and bitter towards men, and sometimes it shows when she works. She is often assaulted by the drunk gamblers, sometimes, she snaps. She has been reprimanded several times for her attitude.

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Strengths: Danika is a very resourceful woman. Should anything happen to her or her son, she will do anything in her power to make things right. She is independent, almost to the point of being stubborn.

Weaknesses: She wants to move out of Vegas and make it big in Hollywood. She is jaded by the glitz and glamour Hollywood has to offer and she is determined to make it. So blind.

Appearance: She has dark brown, wavy hair. Hazel eyes, full lips. She is a petit girl. She doesn’t have any distinguishing features, except her smile. Her smile is known to light up the room and make any man swoon after her.

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Secrets: She went on one of Vince’s jobs. She went along to seduce some of the men, so that Vince could get the job done. They succeeded, and as a way of celebrating, they had sex. Nine months later, she had Jacob.

History: She came to America when she was seven years old. Her parents came from the Ukraine and wanted to provide a better life for her. She is an only child.

Growing up in rural Kansas, she had some what of a sheltered childhood. She excelled in school and was accepted to University of Phoenix in Las Vegas, Nevada. She packed her bags and after much fighting with her parents, she went.

She lived in the dorms for her first two years. She enjoyed her school and the friends that she had made. She didn’t like, however, was the lack of privacy. Her junior year, she got a small apartment at Chateau Calais. She started working at the Bellagio. She met a charming guy, Adam Vincent, and he offered her a job. Needing money, she took the job and soon became his partner. Not too long after, she dropped out of school, becoming sucked up in the world that is Sin City.

Nine months later, she has given birth to a baby boy, Jacob. The boy is Vince’s, even though he refuses to accept him. Six months pass, and here we are. You will find Danika still trying to get Vince to accept his son, and help take care of him.

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Quotes: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

PB: Mila Kunis