Danika Hawron (stripmedownbare) wrote,
Danika Hawron

To: TheLostBirds@someemail.com
From: StripMeDownBare@someemail.com
Subject: URGENT!!

I'm so sorry that I had to go so suddenly. A lawyer called about the child support case I'm imposing on Jacob's father. Needless to say, I'll be going to court soon. I'm scared Dom.

Jacobs dad IMed me a few minutes ago. I've never seen him so angry. He was making threats toward me, and I'm afraid he'll do something to stop this from happening. Dom, I don't know what to do...

If anything should happen to me, PLEASE do me a huge favor. I need you to print out this email and take it to the police.

Adam Vincent Monroe is Jacob's father. You know, the queer posing as a straight kid down at Nathans. He's not what he seems. He's in bad business, and is the reason behind some violent acts toward the big people of Vegas. How else do you think he gained possession and ownership of the Hard Rock? He has his files in a safe in his office at the New York. The combination is 13-28-19-30.

Right now... I'm going to stay with a friend from work. My cousin came and got Jacob. I can't believe this is happening... I'm so sorry to get you involved, but I have noone else...

Take care Dom. I'll see you soon.

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